Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

698-2700MHz Smart Bias Tee ALT-BS-002



Main features

AISG modem inside


Low insertion loss and high output power

Feeding DC to supply cable

Built-in lighting protection

Simple installation

Support AISG1.0 and AISG2.0

Connector definition

Port 1=Port for BTS and Antenna

Port 2=Port for Feeder Cable

Port DC/AISG=Port for DC and AISG signal

Connector data

Part number SBT-8F-D-01 SBT-8F-D-02 SBT-8F-D-03 SBT-8F-D-04
Application Antenna-Feeder BTS-Feeder Antenna-Feeder BTS-Feeder
Port1 4.3-10 male 4.3-10 male 4.3-10 female 4.3-10 female
Port2 4.3-10 female 4.3-10 female 4.3-10 male 4.3-10 male
Port DC/AISG female male female male

Technical Data Sheet

698-2700MHz Smart Bias Tee ALT-BS-002


Electrical data

Frequency                                                   698-2700MHz

VSWR                                                           £1.25

Insertion loss                                              £0.3dB

Power consumption                                   0.6W typical

DC isolation

Port1 – Port2                                       >60dB

Port1 – Port DC/AISG                        >60dB

Port2 – Port DC/AISG                        0dB

Power handling

Port1 or Port2                                      £ 200W AVG, 2000W Peak

Port DC/AISG                                      £ 2.5A / +10~+30VDC

Intermodulation (3rd order)                       £ -155dBc@2 x 20 W

Modem communication                            3GPP TS 25.461

Impedance                                                  50 W

Environmental data

Operating temperature range                   -40°C to +65°C

Storage temperature range                       -50°C to +85°C

Relative humidity                                         5%- 95%

Barometric pressure                                   55KPa -106KPa

MTBF                                                             >500,000 hrs

Lightning protection                                    3kA 10/350us

Applications                                                  IP67

Mechanical data

Dimension                                                    124×70×56mm

Weight                                                           0.65kg

Connectors type

Port1                                                4.3-10

Port2                                                4.3-10

Port DC/AISG                                 8-pin

Packing                                                         1Pce in box

Technical Data Sheet

698-2700MHz Smart Bias Tee ALT-BS-002


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