Low PIM Jumper Cables

Low PIM Jumper Cables, ALT-PC-001

Coaxial Low PIM Cables, straight connectors, DC – 6 GHz

4.3-10, N and 7-16

Rev. G

Ultra Low PIM <-158 dBc

t High Average Power Rating

t Minimal RF Insertion Loss

t Excellent VSWR

t Rugged, High Reliability

t 4.3-10, 7-16, or

N Type Connectors

t Plenum rated Class CMP

t RoHS compliant


ALT-PC-001 series, Coaxial Jumper Cables are built for reliability and consistent extremely low PIM performance.

Designed for use in all systems where low PIM and very good R.F. and mechanical performance is critical. Using controlled

manufacture, low PIM cable and trimetal plating the connectors ensures good intermodulation performance.

All cables are fully interchangeable with connectors made to the MIL-C-39012 specification.

JA series (Straight to Straight) Model Numbers

JA-xxFA N(f) to 7-16(m)

JA-xxFN N(f) to N(f)

JA-xxSA N(f) to 7-16(f)

JA-xxMN N(m) to N(m)

JA-xxTA N(m) to 7-16(f)

JA-xxTN N(m) to N(f)

JA-xxMA N(m) to 7-16(m)

JA-xxFD 7-16(f) to 7-16(f)

JA-xxMD 7-16(m) to 7-16(m)

JA-xxTD 7-16(m) to 7-16(f)

JA-xxMX 4.3/10(m) to 4.3/10(m)

JA-xxMY 4.3/10(m) to 7-16(m)

JA-xxMZ 4.3/10(m) to N(m)

xx specifies the cable length in decimeters

Example: JA-10MN: 10 decimeters (1 meter)

N(m-m) cable

Loss Specifications per meter (~39”) cable

Frequency Loss/m

380 MHz <0.3 dB

960 MHz <0.5 dB

1700 MHz <0.6 dB

2700 MHz <0.8 dB

6000 MHz <1.2 dB.


  Electrical Specifications

Frequency: DC to 6,000 MHz

Shielding: >90 dB

VSWR: <1.22:1

DWV: 750 VAC max.

Impedance: 50Ω nominal

RoHS: Compliant

PIM (Intermod): <-158 dBc; <-164 typ.

(+43dBm x2, at 1800 MHz)

Power Rating: 100 W avg., 3 kW pk.

Connector Specifications

Finish: Albaloy plated brass body

Contacts: Ag/Cu plated BeCu

Dielectrics: PTFE

Gaskets: Si Rubber

Interface: per MIL-STD-348

Coupling Proof Torque: 15 in*lbs

Coupling Retention: 60 lbs axial

Cable Specifications

Diameter: Jacketed .141” Rigid Type

Conductor (ø.037”): Silver Plated Copper

Dielectric: (ø.113) Microporous PTFE

Braid (ø.121): Ag Plated Flat Copper

Outer Braid (ø.138): Ag Plated Copper Wire

Jacket (ø.160): Extruded FEP

Major Diameter: ø.165” max

Static Bend Radius: 0.75” R

Temperature: -40°C to +125°C

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