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AWS/PCS Diplexer Filter, ALT-CR-009

PCS 1900 +G +H Band and AWS-1 + AWS-3 Band Diplexer 1850 – 2000/1695 – 1780 & 2110 – 2180 MHz

t Integrates AWS-1, AWS-3 & PCS/GSM Bands t Low PIM Guaranteed
t 50 dB Input Isolation t Up to 250 W CW/Input Avg.
t Minimal RF Insertion Loss & Ripple t Rugged, High Reliability,
t Includes Mounting Bracket t RoHS compliant

We at Suzhoualton have been a major supplier and manufacturer of high-performance diplexer calculator. A vast range of industries has utilized our products and since the inception of this organization; we have established ourselves as one of the best diplexer calculator suppliers in the world.

For our clients, this product represents a broadband termination, for instance, a mixer which is affixed on the left side. On the basis of the inductor, the resistance for input of the next stage, for example, if the amplifier demands only to showcase a decent match for some decreased frequencies, which can surpass the inductor.

Higher based frequencies usually are shorted through the capacitor in order to normalize the accurate load of 50. The drawbacks in this regard are jotted down on the ending side of the calculator. If you are planning to purchase a diplexer from us, we are ready to listen to your demands and prepare customized diplexers for you. For us, quality and understanding the needs of the client comes first, and that’s the core part of our strategy and success.

ALTON, as a trusted Chinese manufacturer, has never failed to produce high-quality products for their potential clients. In addition, to make sure all their customers are satisfied, a strict QA system is also maintained to maintain quality. Apart from that, we also have qualified engineers and a team of loyal employees to ensure all our operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Alton   ALT-CR-009  is a Diplexer which allow combina-tion and separation of the signals in the AWS bands 1695

  • 1780 MHz and 2110 – 2180 MHz with the PCS band 1850
  • 2000 MHz. To minimize band inter-reaction, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands.

The Diplexer has been designed using passive, pro-prietary techniques which minimizes cost and size. At the same time it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability at input powers up to 250W per input.

Mounting brackets are included.

Model      Assembly Connector Max Power Weight, nom.


Number Type Type per Input lb. (kg)
1 Single 7-16 long 250W 4.1 (1.9)
2 Dual 7-16 long 250W 8.3 (3.8)
3 Single 4.3-10 250W 4.1 (1.9)
4 Dual 4.3-10 250W 4.3 (3.8)
5 Single N type 250W 4.1 (1.9)
Frequency Bands:
Port 1 – Port 3: 1695-1780 & 2110-2180 MHz
Port 2 – Port 3: 1850 – 2000 MHz
Phase Linearity: ±3° max. in any 4 MHz band
Group Delay: 10 ns max. in any 4 MHz band
Passband Ripple: <0.4 dB in any 4 MHz band
P1:P2 Isolation: >50 dB in band
VSWR, all ports: <1.25:1
Passband Loss: <0.3 dB
Intermod. Distortion: <-161 dBc (2 x +43dBm tones)
DC Path: All paths
Impedance: 50W nominal
Ground Lug: M8 Screw
Environment: -40°C to +65°C, IP67
Lightning Protection: 8/20µs. 20kA
10/350µs, 3kA (port ANT)
Finish:   Connectors: N(f), 4.3-10 or 7-16 (f) triplate
Housing: Grey color epoxy coating

AWS/PCS Diplexer Filter, ALT-CR-009

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